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Continuing Education Wish Lists
By: Maggie Bergeron, BSc, MScPT, Co-Founder of Embodia ∙ Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

What's on your continuing education wish list?

If you could take ANY course this year, (on Embodia or anywhere else), which would it be? Imagine that travel, logistics, and cost are not barriers.

This was the question we asked to our email list recently, and we received tons of amazing responses. We've highlighted a few below to perhaps get your learning juices flowing.

The winners received a free course on Embodia - as well as the chance to influence the next course we release! 
We are going to continue to award prizes so if you would like to enter, fill in this short form!

Penile rehabilitation & sexual health in men's health physiotherapy

Penile rehabilitation & sexual health in men's health physiotherapy

Rosie Peters shared the following with us.

I work as a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist in the NHS in London. My caseload is about 3/4 women and 1/4 men. The men I treat have often been referred due to radical prostatectomy due to prostate cancer, or have suffered some over pelvic cancer leaving them with bladder, bowel and erectile dysfunction issues. 

A lot of the men I see have gone from being continent and having a healthy sex life one day, to being incontinent and flaccid the next. I have seen firsthand the huge emotional and psychological burden that this creates. The andrology clinic at the large London teaching hospital where I work at has a waiting list of over 1 year. Unfortunately, this means that by the time they're seen in clinic, many of these men will have lost their chance to regain their sex life due to the failure of cavernous oxygenation and secondary erectile tissue damage.

As a pelvic health physiotherapist, I think I am in a privileged position to offer erectile dysfunction rehabilitation. Although I will not be able to prescribe the medication and vacuum pumps required, taking this course will enable me to offer guidance and support (both pre and post-surgery) to this cohort, and allow me to confidently request adjuncts from the appropriate medical team.

My dream is to implement a quality improvement project to create a pathway for erectile dysfunction in patients undergoing prostate cancer surgery. Completing this course will be the first step on the QI journey. Fingers crossed you agree!

The course on Rosie's wish list is already available on Embodia and she was awarded free access. The course by Pelvic Health Solutions enables all healthcare practitioners to more confidently deal with sexual health in men – a very significant and under-serviced area that every practitioner could benefit from. The course can be found here!

Infant motor development

Infant motor development course with Kids Physio Group

An anonymous participant share the following fantastic response!

To be given the opportunity to take the "Infant Motor Development" course by Kids Physio Group on Embodia would mean the world to me as a physiotherapist. My journey into this field is deeply intertwined with my personal experiences and passions.

Being born two months premature myself, I've always had a unique understanding of the challenges faced during early development. This personal connection has profoundly influenced my practice, fueling my desire to specialize in pediatric care (even though I have yet to get a true chance…)

From a young age, I've had a love for working with children. All my volunteer experiences prior to physiotherapy school were centred around kids. Which included a Girl Guides of Canada Leader, Youth soccer coach, Special Olympics soccer coach, PLAY (Physical Literacy for All Youth) program leader; where children under 6 would come and basically play as we worked on motor milestones.  I remember from the age of 12 and onward telling everyone that I wanted to be a pediatric physiotherapist when I grew up, driven by a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young patients.

Recently, I made a significant career move. My previous clinic was just a general physiotherapy clinic, however, I transitioned to a company where the population consists mainly of babies and mothers (with the general population also), aligning my work with my passion for pediatric care. However, stepping into this new environment comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to feeling confident in my practice.

That's where the "Infant Motor Development" course comes in. By delving into topics like motor control, sensory integration, reflexes, and developmental sequences, this course would provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in my new role. It would deepen my understanding of infant motor development, allowing me to better assess and intervene in pediatric physiotherapy with confidence.

Winning this opportunity isn't just about advancing my career; it's about realizing the dream I had as a kid and making a meaningful difference in the lives of the children and families I serve. With my dedication to continuous learning and my genuine love for working with kids, I know that this course would not only enrich my practice but also deepen my connection with my young patients and their families. It's a transformative step towards fulfilling my passion and making a lasting impact in the world of pediatric physiotherapy.

This course by Kids Physio Group is available on their Clinic Academy hosted on Embodia and can be found here!

Side note: A Clinic Academy allows clinics and clinicians to host their own courses on their own branded platform. These courses can be available for the general public/patients, as well as practitioners. 

The Female Athlete

The Female Athlete with Antony Lo

Another anonymous participant enthusiastically shared that she would love to take the course by Antony Lo: The Female Athlete!  

I follow Antony on social media and have listened to several of his podcasts.  I think his treatment approach is brilliant and really makes a person think outside the box.  I live in rural Manitoba, so attending in-person courses requires lots of travel, time and cost which is difficult with my family, community and work commitments.  

I absolutely love the flexibility of the online courses, plus the fact that I can access them after the fact for review.

Antony Lo's course is available on Embodia and can be found here!

Creating a wish list on Embodia

On Embodia Academy, you have the option to add courses to your wish list.

To add a course to your wish list, go to the course page and then click on 'Add to my wishlist':

Add to your wish list on Embodia Academy

To view all courses in your wish list, go to Embodia Academy and scroll down to the 'Wishlist' section:

Wish List on Embodia Academy

Date published: 16 May 2024
Last update: 16 May 2024

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