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New Features on Embodia - Packages, Memberships, & Gift Certificates
By: Maggie Bergeron, BSc, MScPT, Co-Founder of Embodia; Nataliya Zlotnikov (HBSc, MSc)

Hey, you! You’re great!

You’re a busy rehabilitation practitioner, clinic owner or sole practitioner. You love what you do and are pretty good at it if you do say so yourself. But you don’t have to say it yourself, because your clients say it for you. 

They are so satisfied with what you offer that they simply can’t get enough and have been asking if you offer memberships, packages, or gift certificates. 

In this blog, we are going to clarify the differences between packages, memberships and gift certificates on Embodia, discuss how offering them can benefit your practice, and then walk through how these features work on Embodia.


Why offer Packages, Memberships & Gift Certificates

There are many reasons to consider offering packages, memberships, and gift certificates. Here are a few off the top of our heads:

  • They are a great way to retain current clients and keep them engaged 
  • Easily attract new clients
  • Allow you to increase revenue and scale your business
  • Provide a solution to the age-old problem, “what do I gift this person?”

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Packages, Memberships, Gift Certificates, how are they different?

If you sell packages, memberships, and gift certificates or are planning to provide these pre-paid choices to your clients, you can easily use Embodia to bill and manage them! Here’s an explanation of each:

  • Packages are a one-time pre-paid purchase that can be used to pay for services or classes you offer. 

  • Memberships are recurring pre-paid purchases. You select the billing period (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly), and the number of payments. Can be used to pay for services or classes you offer.

  • Gift certificates are a type of package paid for by one patient and redeemed by another. The person purchasing a gift certificate cannot use it for themselves. 


The benefits and bountiful

Benefits of Packages

Decrease self-discharge rates, increase patient commitment, make your services and classes easier to market to your clients, and bundle services by offering packages. You have full control over which packages your clients can use to pay for which services or classes. You can sell packages to clients yourself, as well as choose to allow clients to purchase them online through your unique online booking portal (included in Tier 3 Memberships on Embodia). 

You can also optionally select to market your packages directly from the online booking page when a client is signing up for a class you offer. Your client can purchase the package when signing up for the class, and use the same package to pay for your class! This way you can increase revenue and offer perks like discounts on your classes when a package is purchased! 


Benefits of Memberships

Have a committed client that wants to be charged yearly, monthly, weekly or daily without the hassle of having to discuss or process payments manually? You can do that with memberships. Memberships are basically recurring packages. With memberships you can bundle your services and offer excellent value to your clients which increases client retention and satisfaction, grows clinic revenue and helps you scale your practice.


Benefits of Gift Certificates

Birthday? The holidays? Valentine’s Day? Anniversary? Graduation? Groundhog Day? Gift certificates are the solution your clients need for ALL of those. Your client’s loved one (even if they are not a client themselves), can contact you and easily purchase a gift certificate as a gift! Imagine the possibilities! And as always, we save trees by keeping it digital which also makes gift certificates the perfect choice for World Environment Day!

How they work on Embodia

Packages, memberships and gift certificates are part of Embodia’s Tier 3: Practice Management. Below we will briefly outline how each works on Embodia.


How do packages work on Embodia?

You must first create a new package and make sure it is active. Once a package is active, you can assign it to your client and collect payment directly from the patient or by sending them the invoice. 

You can also make the package available for patients to purchase online directly from your online booking portal. 

If you’ve made packages available for purchase on your online booking portal, your patients/clients will see Find a package. They can easily purchase one of the available packages using a credit card!

Packages on Embodia

Packages can also be used to pay for appointments or other services you have.

Once a patient has a package (or membership), you can use it to pay for an invoice!

Payment of a package on Embodia

A few more notes on packages:

Packages can be shared between practitioners - meaning the package can be used for services with other practitioners in your clinic. 

Packages are flexible - however, we recommend having separate packages for your services and classes. You can then choose to restrict which packages or memberships can be used for each class.


How do memberships work on Embodia?

Everything mentioned above for packages also applies to memberships with one exception: a client cannot currently purchase a membership from the online booking portal. You need to sell the membership to your client yourself. You would create a membership, make sure that it is active, and then assign it to your client and collect payment afterward. Voila!   


How do gift certificates work on Embodia?

First, you must enable the gift certificate feature on your account. This will allow any client to purchase (the purchaser) a gift certificate for any other client (the redeemer). Visit the purchaser profile to assign and pay for the gift certificate. This will generate a redemption code for the gift certificate that you can use to activate the gift certificate for the redeemer.

Redeeming Gift certificates on Embodia

We’ve got a help article for that!

We love education and so does our community! So we work diligently to ensure that our help articles are packed with concise, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that teach you (and remind us) how to use all the many features on Embodia. 

If you want to learn more about packages, memberships, gift certificates, or classes on Embodia, click on the relevant link below:


Click here to learn about packages

Click here to learn about memberships

Click here to learn about gift certificates

Click here to learn about classes



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