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The Effect of Emotional States on the Autonomic Nervous System & Sensorimotor Control

The Effect of Emotional States on the Autonomic Nervous System & Sensorimotor Control

The Effect of Emotional States on the Autonomic Nervous System & Sensorimotor Control

Oct 17, 2023 - 19:00 (EDT)
1 hour


In this live webinar with the Neuroscience Division of the CPA we are going to move beyond the label. You will learn how to move beyond the identification of yellow flags and how to embrace strategies to address the modulatory effect of the emotional state on the autonomic nervous system and motor control.

During this live webinar, the speaker, Karlee Hall, will present on the following:

  • Relevance of Topic – importance of moving beyond the label of yellow flags (5 min)
  • Emotional state as a modulator of ANS and Somatic nervous system activity (20 min)
  • Behavioral Studies Findings (5 min)
  • Evidence & Practical demonstration of 3 different techniques you can use with your clients (25 min)
  • Concluding remarks & questions (5 min)

Learning Objectives

In this live webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the neurophysiological mechanisms of how emotional state affects motor control and balance
  • Remove stigmatism from the presence of psychosocial factors and behaviours and replace this with empathy and compassion towards clients
  • Be empowered to provide evidence based techniques to be able to give patients appropriate education and homework to facilitate patient engagement/control/autonomy and be an active participant in more aspects of their treatment


This live webinar is for all healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, and massage therapists. This content is intended for clinicians primarily but could be relevant to both managers and educators as well.

Presenter: Karlee Hall

Karlee graduated from the University of Toronto and has been a registered physiotherapist since 2013. She worked in a sports medicine clinic for 5 years prior to starting her own practice in 2018, where she focuses on a neurofunctional approach to treatment.

Karlee completed a MSc degree at the University of Waterloo in 2011 with her thesis work examining efficiency of skeletal muscle metabolism.

Karlee has continued her education as a PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo where she is investigating the modulatory effect of emotional state on the relationship between autonomic and somatic nervous systems during balance reactions and postural control.

Her most recent work can be found in Frontiers Neurology, with her review paper titled emotional state as a modulator of autonomic and somatic nervous system activity in postural control: a review.  

Join and the Neuroscience Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) for this live webinar: 'The Effect of Emotional States on the Autonomic Nervous System & Sensorimotor Control.'

Webinar Registration

The cost to register for this webinar is as follows (all prices in CAD):

  • Regular registration: $20
  • CPA Member registration: $10
  • Members of the Neuroscience Division: FREE (please check your email for a coupon code from the division). If you don't see the email please contact the division at

The webinar will not be recorded.

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