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Dermoneuromodulating (DNM) - Q&A with Diane Jacobs

Dermoneuromodulating (DNM) - Q&A with Diane Jacobs

Dermoneuromodulating (DNM) - Q&A with Diane Jacobs

Sep 21, 2023 - 19:00 (EDT)
60 minutes


Diane Jacobs is joining Embodia for a Q&A session. She will be answering audience questions about Dermoneuromodulating (DNM), a method for handling the body and nervous system in order to facilitate change.

You are invited to submit your questions ahead of time by completing this form. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the live session.


While this live webinar is intended for those who have taken Diane Jacobs course Dermoneuromodulating - Treating the Patient as if Their Nervous System Really Mattered (either online or in person), all healthcare professionals are welcome to join this session.


Registration and Replays

There's a maximum of 500 seats available in the webinar room. If you cannot attend live, please do not register. This will allow people who can attend live to ask questions and interact with the instructor.

If you can't join live, not to worry! We will stream the live webinar to our YouTube channel and leave it up for 48 hours after the live webinar. You can subscribe to Embodia's YouTube channel here.

You can also choose to receive the follow-up email after the webinar. This email contains information about where to find the recording, a reminder about the free live stream on YouTube, and any additional resources shared during the webinar. Simply scroll down and click on the button that reads '+ Add me to the notification list'. (Please note: if you register for the webinar you will automatically be added to the notification list.)

This webinar will be recorded and made available as an on-demand course on Embodia Academy, free for all Embodia Members. You can learn more about our membership offerings here.


The instructors
Diane Jacobs

Diane Jacobs graduated from U. Sask with a physiotherapy diploma in 1971, started using manual therapy in 1983, and went solo in 1994. She has been interested in pain science and working cutaneous nerves into the manual therapy story since 1998; she calls this ‘dermoneuromodulating’.

She helped to found the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Pain Science Division in 2009 and served on it until 2014.

In 2016 she published a book, DermoNeuroModulating. She retired in 2020 from practice and teaching, but still answers questions and maintains a DNM Facebook group.

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