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Breathing, Meditation, and Yoga Asana for Stress and Well Being: Session 4

Breathing, Meditation, and Yoga Asana for Stress and Well Being: Session 4

Breathing, Meditation, and Yoga Asana for Stress and Well Being: Session 4

Mar 29, 2022 - 19:00 (EDT)
90 minutes
The instructors


This is the 4th and final in a series of experiential sessions where you will get to explore various techniques and practices from the yoga traditions that can be used for self-care and patient care.
You can join this single session or join us for the full 4 weeks. The option to register for the full bundle is available at the bottom of the page.
We will practice various breathing, meditation and yoga poses and movements that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
These sessions will also give you some insight into how you can incorporate the techniques into your clinical practice.
There is ample scientific research to support the use of these techniques to modulate the nervous system, reduce pain, increase flexibility and improve functional movement (as has been presented in various webinars and courses provided by Diana and other wonderful Physiotherapists/Yoga Therapists on Embodia), but the focus of these sessions will be to live the embodied experience and effects of these practices in your own body.
We will be exploring various breathing practices, meditation and mindfulness practices, yoga poses and movements (including hatha, yin and restorative poses), and yoga nidra.
The practical sessions will last 60 mins followed by a 30 minute debriefing, discussion and Q&A period. All levels of yoga experience (including no yoga experience!) are welcome. The practices will be gentle, and various options and modifications will be offered.
These sessions are also very pertinent to all those HCPs who have already done Diana’s "Introduction to Medical Yoga Therapy" course and wanted some additional examples of practical sessions.

Suggested Equipment:

Ideally a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks (you can use books instead!), a non-stretchy strap/belt (about 4-5 feet long), a thick blanket, 2 pillows and a small hand towel.
Wear comfortable (but not to loose) clothing appropriate for movement and stretching. Layers suggested so that you can stay nice a warm during the less active practices.
Some kind of journal, a pen and a water bottle are also recommended. 


Each session starts at 7 PM EST and will be 90 minutes long. You can register for individual sessions or the entire bundle. The dates of this practitioner self-care series are:

  • Friday, March 11 2022
  • Tuesday, March 15 2022
  • Friday, March 25 2022
  • Tuesday, March 29 2022

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you." -Anne Lamot

The instructors
Diana Perez
B.Sc. P.T., M.Sc. Rehab. Science Physiotherapist / Professional Yoga Therapist / Dip. Sports PT

Diana is a physiotherapist (McGill University B.Sc.1985; M.Sc.1993) and yoga therapist who has worked in the rehabilitation field, sports world and the wellness and fitness industries for over 45 years. She is the founder and previous owner (1997-2009) of the Medi-Club Physiotherapy & Medical Wellness Centre (Kirkland, Quebec), where she continues to practice as a clinical physiotherapist and yoga therapist.

She has been a practicing clinician since 1985 and has advanced specializations in sports physiotherapy, orthopedics, manual therapy, back & neck rehabilitation, muscle energy, myofascial release and therapeutic exercise prescription. She has also done extensive training in the areas of functional medicine, wellness, nutrition, naturopathy, ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture.

She has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching yoga since 2002. She has 2 yoga teacher training certifications (Hatha & Ashtanga - RYA) and is also certified as a Professional Yoga Therapist (PYTI) and as a Pain Care Aware yoga practitioner. She is the founder and director of the Canadian Yoga Therapy Institute and has developed and teaches a curriculum of courses to health care professionals on how to integrate yoga into clinical practice. (Medical Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Musculoskeletal and Neurological PT Practices, Yoga for Pelvic Floor PT, Teaching and Sequencing Yoga Safely, etc.)

Diana taught for 20 years at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy of McGill University (Faculty of Medicine) and has presented at various national and international congresses and conferences in the areas of physiotherapy, sports medicine, sports physiotherapy and yoga therapy. She is a faculty member of various Yoga Teacher Training Programs and teaches numerous yoga and yoga therapy related workshops to yoga teachers throughout NA. She also continues to teach yoga classes and workshops to the public at several locations in the West Island of Montreal and runs numerous annual national and international yoga and yoga therapy retreats.

She is currently on the Board of Directors of the Quebec Physiotherapy Association and was on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) from 2007 to 2014. In 2020 she was the recipient of the CPA Lifetime Membership Award in recognition of her longstanding contribution to the profession. Contact Diana for any questions at:

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