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Operationalizing the black box of Coaching - Sponsored by the CPA Pediatric Division

Operationalizing the black box of Coaching - Sponsored by the CPA Pediatric Division

Operationalizing the black box of Coaching - Sponsored by the CPA Pediatric Division

May 26, 2021 - 12:00 (EDT)
60 minutes

***This Webinar is FREE for all CPA Pediatric Division Members***

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Date: Wednesday, May 26 
Time: 12pm EDT
Price: $20 for CPA Members & $25 for Non-CPA Members, Free (via separate link) for Paediatric Division Members  


Coaching in pediatric rehabilitation is a black box with a lack of operationalized definitions and a great deal of variation in how therapists implement coaching interventions. The Applied Coaching Model and Tool provide therapists with effective coaching strategies and specific behaviors that operationalize coaching principles.

In this webinar a description of the Applied Coaching Model and Coaching Tool will be presented, as well as, the “how-to’s” of delivering a learner-driven process in pediatric rehabilitation using patient examples from current neurodevelopmental caseloads and coaching conversations between therapists and caregivers.

In addition, an overview of how therapists at the Early Childhood Rehab program servicing children from birth to 5 at the Alberta Children’s Hospital’s Child Development Centre developed their coaching competency and implemented the applied Coaching Model with patients.



Debra Teitelbaum MScPT (McGill University), has more than 30 years of experience as a physiotherapist (most of it at the Alberta Children’s Hospital) working with very young children with neurodevelopmental issues and their families. Debra’s main source of satisfaction comes from building caregiver competence and confidence in their own skill-set to support their children and their goals. She is currently working on a joint Alberta Children’s Hospital and Western University research project building coaching competency in therapists.

Patti Thomas is a Physiotherapist with the Early Childhood Rehabilitation team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary focusing on transdisciplinary neurorehabilitation for children aged 0 to 5.  Patti obtained a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Dalhousie University in Halifax before moving out west to pursue a physiotherapy degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. For the past eleven years, Patti has worked in pediatrics both in the community setting in Melbourne, Australia and in various clinic roles at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. 

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