Home Exercise Prescription for Physiotherapists

A new way of prescribing engaging home exercise programs - included in your Embodia Membership

Why You Need This For Your Practice

Prescribe exercises and education from experts
Upload your own content
Record your patients in session
Available on Apple, Android and the web
Simple monitoring dashboard for practitioners & patients
Free for you and your patients

Home Exercise prescription made simple

Instead of losing patients after 1 or 2 visits because they didn’t see a change

Embodia for home exercise prescription allows you to share valuable and easy to follow video exercises and education that your patients watch between their sessions. Patients feel engaged and motivated to continue with gentle reminders, push notifications and easy progress tracking.

Katie M.

Having access to Embodia video clips for each of the exercises has been extremely helpful. It almost feels like your personal PT has come to visit you daily! My physio has been able to remind me of the little details that make a difference in practicing the exercises.

Heather M.

Embodia was a reassuring extension of my physiotherapist that truly helped me through the rough days of my recovery. Recovering from multiple pelvic fractures was a painful, slow process. The Embodia app made it less lonely. The friendly exercise time reminder and progress tracker helped me feel linked to my physiotherapist. It was encouraging.

Instead of drawing stick figures and photocopying a handout over and over.

Embodia for home exercise prescription allows you to quickly and easily share high quality video resources with your patients of exactly what you taught them in session. Choose from our pre-loaded library of expert content from course instructors, upload your own content or record your patient in session.

Bill R.

This is simple and yet so modern and so right. It shows you exactly what to do, when to do and in what order to do your exercises. It’s like going from the stone age to the modern age.

Instead of recording the exercises on your patients phones.

Embodia for home exercise prescription allows you to keep a record of all exercises, programs and education shared with patients as required by professional regulating bodies. Don’t get stuck in an audit or legal case without a complete patient chart. Embodia securely stores a copy of everything you prescribe and you can easily print or import program summaries into your patients charts.

Carolyn Vandyken

Remember how resistant I was at first? Now, I can't imagine working without it. It has changed my practice for the better, and my patients love the app! Embodia has made it so easy to make the transition to digital sharing of exercises for patients and knowledge for clinicians.
Katie Smith
R. Kin., MSc. Onc

The Embodia app for home exercise prescription is easy to use for clients as well as the practitioner and it's a wonderful tool to encourage continued and consistent exercises that are specifically prescribed for the users. The app is also very user friendly to utilize the education and instructional modules for practitioners.
Sara K.

Thank you Embodia! It's proven to be one of a few apps I rely on the most in my practice. Embodia really saves me a lot of time every single day and my patients LOVE it!

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