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Build your clinical skills and confidence with these free online continuing education resources

Free online education for rehab pros

The only constant in life is change. This is especially true in health care. Whether you are new to practice or have an established career it can be overwhelming staying up to date with advances in research and clinical practice.

Embodia is here to keep you informed through free courses, live webinars, and much more!

Life as a physio and a mom is busy for sure, but continuing education is critical so I fit it in wherever I can. Online education opportunities on Embodia makes it so much easier for me to stay up to date with current research, techniques and protocols!

Marcia K.

I am a big fan of the Embodia courses because I can work on them when my littles are fast asleep.

Sarah G.

Excellent value for what you receive. The courses are relevant and there is a lot of valuable free content.

Serah Park

Build your clinical skills and confidence with these free online continuing education resources

K-Taping for women’s health basics
Sabrina Silla, Ortho Canada
APTEI: Blame, flatulence, tickling & WADs
Bahram Jam
How to start & design your physiotherapy clinic
Rick Lau, Darryl Yardley, Tammy Boucher, Paul Moon, Razi Khaddage
6 skills in 6 weeks
Embodia Academy
Pain education theory & practice: An introductory course
Geoff Bostick, Debbie Patterson, Pain Sciences Division
COVID-19 PT response - Cardiorespiratory division course
Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: The missing link in persistent LBP?
Carolyn Vandyken
Introduction to medical therapeutic yoga
Dr. Ginger Garner
Biopsychosocial: It’s more than just a buzz word
Carolyn Vandyken
Yoga as a therapeutic approach to pelvic health care
Shelly Prosko
Bien vivre avec des douleurs persistantes
Marie-Helen Jutras
Hip conditions in the young adult
Dr O.R. (Femi) Ayeni
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Polished online content that educates and engages

Embodia regularly hosts live webinars from the leading minds in healthcare. Conversation is never dull, and our instructors don’t shy away from the tough topics. Often candid, our webinars are popular with practitioners from all areas of health care.

Hear from a few of your new clinical instructors

How perfect is it to have a physio who understands the rehab piece and con ed, teamed with a techie partner who understands building platforms and delivering content? I leapt at the chance to partner to bring info to more folks!

Julie Wiebe

With Embodia, I can reach students across the country and provide concussion training that works for their schedules and in their lives. Embodia has tools to allow me to communicate on an ongoing basis with students, and to adapt the courses I provide to meet clinicians’ needs

Meaghan Adams

I think it’s wonderful to be able to search the Embodia Academy for continuing education opportunities across topics/specialties. And I love that it's a Canadian company!

Shelly Mannell

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