Get back to doing what you love

Improve faster from your physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions by staying connected with your practitioners between sessions.

Helping you get better faster

Access your program anywhere
Available on apple, android and web, access view and track your program no matter where you are
Video based exercises and educational material
Watch videos shared by your practitioner of your precise home exercise program so that you can get better faster and back to doing what you love
A more supportive approach to care
Stay connected to your practitioner between appointments and keep them posted on your progress by tracking your performance, symptom levels and functional goals

Collaboration is Key

Therapy is a collaborative process based on the relationship between an individual and a therapist. It should therefore be no surprise that support and communication between your in-person sessions is an important predictor of a positive outcome in therapy. Embodia enables your therapist to share exactly what you learned in session so that you can follow along in between sessions.

A process proven to increase your success

Tracking your progress through therapy is one of the most important predictors of lasting change and improvement. With Embodia, you can work with your therapist to regularly track your progress so that you can both see your results over time.

You're in good company

Join tens of thousands of patients who are already using Embodia to view and track their home exercise program

What You Need to Know

It takes less than a few minutes per day to track your progress
Can be completed during sessions or on your own (on the Embodia mobile or web app)
Confidential and secure protection of your information

Expert Guidance

Instructional audio and video clips directly from your practitioners to help you master your technique and get the most out of your rehabilitation sessions.