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Prenatal Physiotherapy: Building Maternal Capacity through the Trimesters

Prenatal Physiotherapy: Building Maternal Capacity through the Trimesters

Prenatal Physiotherapy: Building Maternal Capacity through the Trimesters

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This course was recorded in April 2021

Course Overview

This evidence-informed crash course guides you through initial prenatal assessment, trimester-specific prenatal care, birth preparation, postpartum follow-up, and ongoing care. Feel right at home with Jessica Bergevin, a vetted and respected physiotherapist in the world of pelvic health, as she takes you through the basics of prenatal and postpartum care. 

Course content includes physiotherapy’s evolving role in prenatal care, a toolkit for physiotherapists offering prenatal care, key components of the five phases of optimal care, and considerations when designing group prenatal classes.

This course is intended for women’s/pelvic health physiotherapists who currently work with the prenatal population or those looking to expand their practice confidently to this area (physiotherapy students/assistants and allied health professionals are also welcomed to attend).

Jessica Bergevin includes an extensive handout highlighting this course's content for participants to easily refer to and incorporate into their practice.


Course Objectives:

      1. Integrate evidence into prenatal clinical practice.
      2. Select and prescribe appropriate treatment techniques for the prenatal population.
      3. Organize clinical practice based on the trimesters.     
      4. Support personal control during pregnancy, labour, and delivery. 
      5. Design optimal care for the prenatal population.

The instructors
Jessica Bergevin
Jessica Bergevin is a physiotherapist who practices within the women’s health and orthopaedic landscape rurally in Nova Scotia. Her academic background is comprised of a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University and a Masters of Physiotherapy from Queens University. Jessica is currently completing a Doctor of Science in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership with the goal of improving prenatal care in Nova Scotia. She loves Pilates, skating, court and beach volleyball, botany, and wiener dogs.
Course Material included in this course
  • Prenatal Physiotherapy: Building Maternal Capacity through the Trimesters
  • Welcome & Course Resource
  • Introduction
  • Background on Prenatal Care
  • Clinical Applications
  • Supporting Documents
  • Q&A Pt1
  • Q&A Pt2
  • Q&A Pt3
  • Quiz
  • Core Restore YouTube Video
  • Next Steps & Resources
  • Feedback
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