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Medical Therapeutic Yoga Resource Package

Medical Therapeutic Yoga Resource Package

Medical Therapeutic Yoga Resource Package


This free resource package focuses on therapeutic yoga exercises by Dr. Ginger Garner.

For both patients and practitioners, yoga can be utilized as a powerful mechanisms for healing and to help you reach your highest potential physically, psychoemotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY), is a method for yoga practice in healthcare developed by Dr. Garner. It is an accessible systems-based practice that was developed and has been successfully used in physical therapy and integrative wellness practice for almost 20 years.

Also included are some select assessment techniques that you can use to help prescribe appropriate treatment for your patients.

These exercises can be shared via Embodia with your patients.

The instructors
Dr. Ginger Garner

Dr. Garner is a physical therapist, author, educator and founder of Living Well Institute. She received her master and doctorate degrees from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is also a licensed athletic trainer (ATC, LAT) professional yoga therapist (PYT), and board certified in Lifestyle Medicine (DipACLM). She has specialized in chronic pain & orthopaedics in women’s health since 1995 and opened one of the first integrative yoga-based PT clinics in the US in 1999. She launched Living Well, Inc. in 2000 and Professional Yoga Therapy Institute® in 2001, where she has since trained thousands of therapists and doctors worldwide. Dr. Garner is the author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, slated for translated in 4 foreign languages. She balances teaching and writing with her clinical practice, EudeMOMia,TM located in Greensboro, NC.

Ginger is active in the American Physical Therapy Association and serves as the North Carolina Legislative Chair. She also serves the US National Committee for UN Women as secretary of the board of directors. Ginger is committed to resolving equality issues in healthcare, which she believes is at the heart of nurturing real healthcare reform. In her spare time, Ginger performs with choral groups around the world and also conducts physical therapy-based vocal performance workshops. Ginger lives with her husband, three sons, and their rescue pup, Scout, in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. Visit Ginger at
Course Material included in this course
  • Information about this Resource Package
  • How to use the exercises in this resource package
  • Ginger's Online Courses
Patient Exercises included in this course
  • Modified Gillet Test
  • Modified Moon Salute Composition (From Forearms)
  • Windshield Wipers with TATD Breath
  • Bridge Pose & Two-Foot Pose
  • Hook Lying Knee Lifts
  • Scapular Assistance
  • Scapular Repositioning
  • Arm Spiral
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Femoral Version Screen - Craig Test
  • Alternate Nostril Breath
  • Capsule Test
  • Four-Part Breath
  • TATD "Power" Breath
  • Three Part Breath
  • Victorious (Overcoming) Breath
  • Sandbag Breath
  • The Yoga Couch (Three-Tier Approach)
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