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Developing and Implementing Digital Healthcare Strategies

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Developing and Implementing Digital Healthcare Strategies

Developing and Implementing Digital Healthcare Strategies

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Join Ben Fung for a one-hour discussion about developing and implementing digital healthcare strategies. This is a discussion from an economic and consumer behavior standpoint from which a company can create truly self-propagating systems.

We will be discussing the whitepaper recently released by UpDoc Media, which you can find here

"We are at an unprecedented time in the history of healthcare, and the history of humanity - isolated, with an increasing need to stay connected." - COVID-19 and the Healthcare Capacity Crisis

Healthcare faces the hour of its greatest need; and, great time of internal uncertainty. Digital healthcare is both a primary and parallel paradigm.

This course will not be:

  • An evaluation of platforms
  • A report on digital compliance
  • Recommendations on billing practices

This course will be a discussion about:

  • The operational and economic landscape of digital healthcare
  • The global pandemic as an accelerant of consumer behaviors
  • The provider skill sets required for the digital healthcare setting
  • Operational best practices to set up your company or department for success

This course is for any physiotherapist (physical therapist), chiropractor, clinic owner, and rehabilitation professional who is interested in discussing the evolving landscape of clinical practice and the impact now and in the future of digital healthcare strategies.

Digital healthcare has become a new setting just as home health, outpatient, or acute care operates as a unique clinical setting. Learn more with Dr. Ben Fung in this 1+ hour online course - free for all Embodia Members

The instructors
Dr. Ben Fung
PT, Co-Founder UpDoc Media

With a previous background in Bioengineering & Psychology, Ben has experienced every level of work in clinical healthcare, from laboring as an aide to serving as a program director; in settings such as major trauma hospitals to rural home care.

His career path has thematically revolved around innovation, business strategy, and public roles. Such roles have provided him substantial experience in organizational behavior, public outreach through news media and national conferences, multiple service line developments, market analysis, and operational optimization to which he has also had the privilege in consulting for venture capitalists, healthcare executives, and small business owners.

Ben is currently the COO & Co-Founder for UpDoc Media as well as CFO & Co-Founder for Recharge, a novel blend of Physio, CrossFit, and Mindfulness.

Course Material included in this course
  • Developing and Implementing Digital Healthcare Strategies
  • Introduction
  • Skill Set for Clinicians
  • Starting from Scratch
  • General Audience Questions
  • Other Email Marketing Software Options
  • How to End a Session
  • Feedback
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