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Navigating exercises and education

By now, you know that you can search for exercises and education when looking for a specific resource. However, you can also personalize your account to find what you are looking for faster and more efficiently.

Above the list of resources (exercises or education), there are several tabs (Box #1 in the figure above):

  • All: Lists all the resources available to you (that are not private to a patient - more on this below);
  • Starred: Lists all the resources that you have starred. You can star a resource by clicking on the star icon (Box #3 in the figure above).
  • My Exercises / My Education: Lists all the resources that you have uploaded.
  • My Courses: Lists all the resources that you were granted access to by joining a course on Embodia Academy.
  • For <Patient>: Lists all the resources that you have uploaded and made private to the current selected patient. This tab will only show up if you have a patient selected (In the image above, you can see from the top right corner that Doe, Joe is selected as patient)

Another way to filter the listing of the resources is by the author. Under the resource name, you can see the author of the resource (Box #2 in the figure above). Clicking on the author's name will filter the results to only show the public resources belonging to that particular author.