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How do your patients access their exercises

Patients can only access information that you shared with them. Embodia is available for patients on iOS, Android and on the web using any modern web browser. This lesson is a quick summary of what the patient experience is like when accessing their home program on an iOS device.

When it is time for the patient to do their exercises, Embodia sends them a gentle reminder.

When the patient opens the Embodia app, their home page will prompt them to enter their symptom level if they haven't done so today, as well as list all the exercises that need to be completed.

The patient can tap on an exercise to view more details and watch the video of the exercise. On this page the patient can also add private notes and mark the exercise as performed.

If the patient does not need to watch the video and just wants to quickly mark the exercise as completed, they can swipe right on the exercise and just mark the exercise as performed.