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Creating & Selling Out Your Signature Wellness Program

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Creating & Selling Out Your Signature Wellness Program

Creating & Selling Out Your Signature Wellness Program

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This course was recorded in October 2022


One way to stand out in the rehab industry is to create your own signature wellness program.

This wellness program will be a representation of your unique philosophies, values, and processes all combined together to allow your clients to achieve their goals (and rave about you in the process). 

Having a wellness program is a great way to allow your clients to set new goals and continue to work with you when their rehab is complete.

Wellness programs are great from a business and financial perspective as well, since clients stay with you longer, working with you becomes part of their lifestyle and you create more reliable and consistent revenue. 


Learning Objectives:

Following this online course you will know the answer to these questions:

  • How long should your program be
  • What you should charge
  • Should you do group or 1:1
  • What are the components of your program
  • How does this program fit with your existing offers



This webinar is for healthcare professionals, especially those looking to have more wellness and cash-based patients and clients. 

The instructors
Alison McLean

The founder of Ignite Ur Wellness. Alison specializes in helping entrepreneurs to grow their business, while caring for their health AND enjoying life in the process.

The diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome and Rectal Cancer awakened her to sustainability of her hustle and grind lifestyle. She quickly realized for the sake of her health, her ability to serve her patients and clients best, and show up to be the mom and wife she desired, changes were needed.

Now she helps others manage their time, boost their energy with tactics and mindset to create success in their business AND with their health.

Course Material included in this course
  • Creating & Selling Out Your Signature Wellness Program
  • Welcome!
  • Introduction
  • The Big Picture Problem
  • Who Do You Help?
  • Results
  • What Makes You Different?
  • Your Positioning
  • Method of Delivery
  • Length of Time
  • Price
  • The Framework
  • This is Possible!
  • Feedback
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