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Level 2 - BET PhysioPilates Matwork Video Library and Resources

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  • BET PhysioPilates Level 2 Mat worksheet
  • BET Level 2 Exercise Worksheet. static posture control
  • BET Level 2 Exercise Worksheet. dynamic posture control
  • BET Level 2 Exercise Worksheet. functional posture control
  • JOSPT. 2019. Reflection on biomechanics and motor control. Meeting of Experts
  • Time to Reflect on the Role of Motor Control in Low Back Pain. Editorial
  • Analysis of Motor Control in Patients With Low Back Pain: A Key to Personalized Care?
  • Motor Control Changes in Low Back Pain: Divergence in Presentations and Mechanisms
  • Are Stability and Instability Relevant Concepts for Back Pain?
  • Convergence and Divergence of Exercise-Based Approaches That Incorporate Motor Control for the Management of Low Back Pain
  • Neuroplasticity of Sensorimotor Control in Low Back Pain
  • Diverse Role of Biological Plasticity in Low Back Pain and Its Impact on Sensorimotor Control of the Spine
  • Hybrid Approach to Treatment Tailoring for Low Back Pain: A Proposed Model of Care
  • Can Biomechanics Research Lead to More Effective Treatment of Low Back Pain? A Point-Counterpoint Debate
  • Changes in Structure and Function of the Back Muscles in Low Back Pain: Different Time Points, Observations, and Mechanisms
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