Wisdom from Within: A Four-Dimensional Approach to Persistent Pain

Wisdom from Within Workshop Introduction

Course Intro

Course Explanation

Understanding The Science of Pain

Sage and Cristin Walk and Talk

Changing the Pain Narrative

Chapter 1: It's Not Your Fault

Chapter 2: Understanding the Brain

Chapter 3: The Evolution of Pain - A Better Story

Persistent Pain, Persistent Threat

Lecture Conclusion: The New Story

Pain Resources

Sage and Cristin Walk and Talk Follow Up

The 4 Dimensional Wheel

The Origin and Concept of the Wheel

4 Dimensional Wheel Setup

Quadrant Overview

Walking the Wheel

Wheel Activity

Pick your Path to Support Your Healing Journey

4-D Wheel List of Supportive Activities (Ideas and Resources)

Sample Activities to Support a 4-D Approach

Restorative Yoga (Physical)

The Pelvic Breath (Physical)

Get Clear! Differentiate Thoughts Worksheet (Mental/Emotional)


How We Met

Cristin's Story

Sage's Story

Sources and Acknowledgements